Decide How to Make a Gift

Donors may designate that their gifts to the Endowment Fund be used for a specific purpose. The designation should be made to one of the following Endowment Fund Sub-Funds:

General Sub-Fund

Funds invested in the General Sub-Fund may be used for any needs of the Church that may arise in the future or for any of the purposes of the other Sub-Funds described below, as determined by the Financial Stewardship Committee.

Capital Improvement Sub-Fund

The Capital Improvement Sub-Fund is used to pay for capital improvements to the Church’s property, the construction of new physical facilities for the Church, the acquisition of real property, and the reduction of debt incurred for any of the foregoing purposes.

Missions and Ministry Sub-Fund

The Missions and Ministry Sub-Fund is used to pay for program costs relating to new and existing ministries and mission projects (both domestic and international) of the Church. With respect to mission projects, this Sub-Fund may also be used to provide financial support to Church members who desire, but cannot afford, to participate in a Church-sponsored mission project.

Children's and Student Scholarship Sub-Fund

The Children’s and Student Scholarship Sub-Fund is used to provide financial assistance to the children and students who desire, but cannot afford, to participate in a Church-sponsored camp or mission project. In addition, this Sub-Fund may be used to provide college scholarships to Church members, or the children of Church members, who have graduated from high school or are currently attending college.

Step Three: Make Your Gift