Make Your Gift

Cash Gifts

Outright Gifts

Outright gifts of cash to the Endowment Fund can be made online by clicking "Give Online". If you have not already done so, you will be asked to create an account with the Church so that the Church has proper information for receiving the online gift and for crediting you with the gift for tax purposes.

You may also write a check, made payable to First Baptist Carrollton, and deliver it to the Church in your offering envelope, by hand-delivery to the Church offices, or by mailing it to the Church offices at the following address:

First Baptist Carrollton
2400 N. Josey Lane
Carrollton, Texas 75006 

Be sure to specify on your check, in the memo section, that the gift is for the Endowment Fund and any sub-fund that you have selected.

Memorial Gifts

Gifts given to the Endowment Fund in memory of a friend or relative must be made by check and delivered to the Church in the same way described above for outright gifts. Our online giving service does not provide a place for designating a memorial gift.

When sending your check to the Church for a memorial gift, please include on the check or with an enclosed note the name of the person for whom the memorial gift is given together with the names and addresses of those to whom notification of your gift should be sent.

Non-Cash Current Giving Options (Securities, Real Estate, Personal Property, Life Insurance)

If you have any questions about making a non-cash current gift to the Endowment Fund, please contact the Finance Office at 972-512-3873. They will make sure that you are put in contact with the appropriate person who can help you in making your gift.

Texas Baptist Missions Foundation

Many of the other methods for giving will involve some financial planning and document preparation. You will need to discuss these issues with financial planning experts. If you do not have your own financial planner, you can discuss these matters with the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation for free. They will assist you in understanding the tax benefits and consequences of your gift to the Endowment Fund and help you to figure out the best method for making the gift.

You can contact the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation by calling 214-828-5100. Be sure to tell them that you want to make a gift to the Wayne and Theresa Allen Endowment Fund of First Baptist Carrollton. You can find out more about the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation.

Further Information

Please be aware that gifts to the Endowment Fund in the form of non-publicly traded stocks, real property, personal property, or life insurance must be approved by the Financial Stewardship Committee before they can be accepted by the Church. If you are trying to make an end-of-the-year gift to the Endowment Fund by any of these means, you will need to factor in time for the Financial Stewardship Committee to review the gift and to determine that it is a gift that can be received by the Endowment Fund.

If you have any questions about making a non-cash gift to the Endowment Fund, you can also contact the Finance Office at 972-512-3873. They will help you to get connected with the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation.