The Persecuted Church

"Remember my chains." Colossians 4:18

Throughout our world, Christians are facing severe persecution. Many are being imprisioned, fined, and even killed for refusing to denounce their faith. As Christians, we are called to help in any way we can when our brothers and sisters in Christ are in need. But so often, we feel helpless and separated from the struggles of believers all over the world. We often find ourselves asking, "how can I help?" Below you will find some simple ways that you can be involved.


Pray daily for the persecuted church around the world. Use specific Bible verses, stay current on world events, and lift up the practical needs of the missionaries and people in that region. You can organize prayer events and make time to be a part of national and international days of prayer like the ones listed below.

Persecuted Church-idop

International Day of Prayer

Persecuted Church-IMB

IMB Week of Prayer

Persecuted Church-Open Doors

Open Doors

Stay Informed 

Sign up for newsletters from the organizations listed below. Develop relationships and maintain communication with missionaries and their families through email, letters, Skype, etc. Read the latest research and articles on current world events, listen to podcasts, news, and radio programs. Write letters to your government officials. These are just a few of the many ways that you can stay informed about the struggles of Christians around the world. Below are specific resources and links to other organizations that are here to help.

Persecuted Church-ERLCThe ERLC of the Southern Baptist Convention

 David Platt, IMB President on Persecution
Five Facts About Christian Persecution

Persecuted Church-VOM

Voice of the Martyrs

Prayer Map
Updated Prayer Request
Prisoner Alert  |  Download the App

Persecuted Church-P

 Prayer Points
Resources for Schools & Businesses
Become an Advocate

Persecuted Church-WWL

World Watch List by Open Doors

Persecuted Countries Map
World Watch List Challenge
Take Action 

Give, Encourage, & Support

Below are three organizations who are currenly working with groups in persecuted countries to help Christians in need. Please consider making a financial donation to ensure that the work in these countries continues. 

First Baptist Carrollton

International Mission Board (IMB)

Gideons International

Write to Prisoners

Hundreds of Christians are currently imprisoned for their Christian faith in Iran. World Watch List has provided the opportunity to deliver letters to six of these imprisoned Christians. Please read the information on their website carefully, as there are several writing guidelines that need to be followed. 

I am N


Convert to Islam, Pay the Tax, Leave - or Die.

 In northern Iraq, radical Muslims are painting the Arabic letter “N” on homes to identify Christians. Our brothers and sisters are given an ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay a high tax, leave the area or die.

You can help support your Iraqi brothers and sisters by purchasing one of VOM’s new i-am-n T-shirts.VOM’s new i-am-n T-shirt features an image of the Arabic letter “N” similar to those painted on the homes of Christians in northern Iraq by IS (Islamic State). The shirts cost $20 each, and $10 of each purchase will go directly to support Christians facing Islamic extremists.

Click here to purchase your shirt.