In Our Global Community

It is so exciting to be a part of a church family that is actively involved in sharing the love of Christ around the world. We support international mission work in many ways. We show our daily support by giving financially to help fund mission projects internationally and through prayer and encouragement for those individuals and families from First Baptist Carrollton who serve on the mission field. These missionaries are touching the lives of people who have never experienced the privilege we have in America of meeting together to worship and study God's Word. Even the smallest of children in our church learn about the importance of telling "all people" about Jesus Christ and as they grow, they will begin to have opportunities to be a part of the work that benefits missions all over the world.

Our church members are also a "going" people by making several international trips each year to share the Gospel, serve, build, and meet physical needs of people all over the world. Going out into the world to share the love of Christ is an exciting, overwhelming experience. At First Baptist Carrollton, we want everyone to have the opportunity to share God's Word to all nations. 

In whatever way you choose to participate, you will be a part of the joyous purposes and promises of God through First Baptist Carrollton.

Wade Longcrier
Associate Pastor, Global & Community Outreach

For more information, please contact our Outreach Ministry or call 972-512-3830.

Ways to partner with Global Outreach:

  • Commit to pray for an international missionary
  • Commit to pray for our international trips
  • Commit to pray for a people group or country
  • Join a sending team of a long-term missionary
  • Explore ways to join what God is doing globally by joining a short-term trip
  • Welcome long-term missionaries who are here on stateside assignments


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    Associate Pastor, Global & Community Outreach

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