First Steps Preschool Worship

For children in Pre-K and Kindergarten

First Steps Preschool Worship is an opportunity for Pre-K and Kindergarten children to learn the different elements of worship as they transition from the preschool department into worship with their families. Children will begin worship with their families and then at the appointed time during the service they will meet one of our First Steps Preschool Worship volunteers in the back foyer.

During Preschool Worship, as we spend time with your child, we will be helping reinforce the elements of worship that they are learning at home and while in the service with you. We believe that the elements of worship such as prayer, singing, giving, and listening to Bible teachings are an important aspect of growing in our relationship with Christ, and that it is never too early to begin teaching these elements to children. 

For more information about First Steps Preschool Worship, please contact the Preschool Office or call 972-512-3850.