High School Camp

High School Camp

Glorieta, NM |  June 19-24  |  $475

High School students who have completed 9th-12th grade will be going to Glorieta, NM for Lifeway’s XFuge Camp. What is XFuge? XFuge is for youth groups that want to stay together for Bible study and recreation, but also want a little more freedom in their daily schedule. The camp pastor will serve as master teacher every morning for Bible Study for all XFuge participants. Our students will have the chance to do group building recreation activities, explore the city, or attend Centrifuge track times.

We will leave Monday, June 19, and will return late Saturday night, June 24. High school camp is a great time for both making new friendships, and building up friendships with other students. It is also a great time to pull away from the busyness before the school year starts and seek the Lord, while surrounded by His beautiful creation.

Registration is closed. 

Important Information

If you have not already done so for this academic year, please fill out and submit the following:

Student Liability Form 
Medical Information Form
FUGE Camper Registration/Release Form (There are multiple notaries at the Church Office.)

All forms must be on file in order for you to participate. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Ministry Office or call 972-512-3860. If you are unsure whether we need the first form, please email us. Forms can be emailed, faxed (1-855-512-3700), or brought to the Church Office.