Girls Ministry

FBCC Girls Ministry is a place for 7th-12th grade girls to connect with a smaller community of young women within the Student Ministry. Our focus as a Girls Ministry is first and foremost on cultivating a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Many of our girls begin their journey with Christ during their time with our Student Ministry. Our heartbeat is to see these girls grow in their hunger for Christ and to root their identities in Christ. 

In Mark 5:41, Jesus calls a young girl who has died to rise up to life. This call to rise up to life in Christ is what we desire for our girls to hear and respond to in their own life. We want them to understand that as they begin their life in Christ and that they begin to see that life is Christ (Phil. 1:21). Then they are to walk as children of light (Eph. 5:8); for they now are a light to the rest of the world proclaiming that Jesus is Savior and Lord. We challenge our girls to live as Daughters of the King (Ps. 45); we challenge them to be gospel-bearers in their schools, homes, and social circles (Matt. 28:19-20); we challenge them to depend upon the living God who is capable of more than we could ever imagine (Eph. 3:20).

Following Jesus is taken seriously here, but we know that having fun together is also very important! Once a month we get together for No Boys Allowed to enjoy time to fellowship together with food, music, a craft (or all of the above), and of course chatting about life! During this time we normally turn to the Truth of God’s Word and briefly discuss how it applies to our lives as young women in a world where we are bombarded with lies from the Enemy daily. Come join us for these fun times without the boys!

We are committed to teaching our girls the importance of their identities to be rooted in Christ and what it looks like on a daily basis to follow Him in the midst of our crazy, busy, and fallen world. 

To find out more about the events happening for students, please check out our calendar.

For more information about the Girls Ministry, please contact the Student Ministry Office or call 972-512-3860.

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