The Fields Rentals

Sunday reservations are no longer available. Saturday reservations have been suspended until late June, 2017.

  • Complete our online Rental Application.
  • Applications must be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the event and no more than three months in advance of the event. A $200 deposit is required for all rentals. Rental applications are not complete until the signed rental agreement and payment is turned in to The Fields staff. 
  • The Fields staff will contact you regarding availability within five (5) business days of receiving your application.
  • Set up instructions and final headcounts for the event need to be turned in to The Fields staff no less than seven (7) days prior to the event. All set up instructions need approval from the staff. 
  • All media used (videos, presentations, music) needs approval prior to the event and need to be kept at a reasonable volume. Computers and projectors are not available, however, you may use your own computer to connect to the TVs for media needs.
  • Tables and chairs are included in your rental. The Fields has the following available: chairs (120), round tables (15), 6 ft. rectangular tables (20). Table covers are not provided. Tables may not be set up in the hallway outside of the room(s) reserved.
  • Use of the microwave and sink in the Cafe' are provided with the rental, however, all other preparations and service need to be done in the reserved room.
  • The hallway and Cafe' are not available for rental and cannot be used for your event, with the exception of the microwave and sink.
  • Tables and chairs need to stay in the rooms and may not be taken outside of the building.

Outdoor Facility Rentals

  • Baseball and soccer fields are available for rental only one month in advance.
  • Fields are rented as is.
  • Previous month's renters will be given first choice to keep their same time and field for the next month.
  • Rentals for the upcoming month will be accepted after the third Wednesday of the month.
  • Grills should be requested at the time of the rental. You will need to provide all items needed to use the grills. Charcoal is not provided.
  • All general field rules should be followed during rentals. Please click here for the general rules and guidelines.


Room Pricing and Features

Room Common Usage Features Pricing

Rooms 2, or 3

Birthday Parties
Rehearsal Dinners

Room 2: 27' x 36' (54 max w/ tables, 75 chairs only) 
Room 3: 27' x 24' (36 max w/ tables, 44 chairs only) 
All Three Rooms: 27' x 84' (120 max) 
Flat Panel TVs for Presentations 

Room 2: $50/hr
Room 3: $35/hr

Outdoor Basketball Courts

Basketball Games

Two Full Basketball Courts 
Adjustable Goals 

Without Lights: $25/hr
With Lights: $45/h

Sand Volleyball Courts

Volleyball Games

Two Regulation Sand Volleyball Courts 

Without Lights: $25/hr
WIth Lights: $45/hr 

Baseball/Softball Fields

Multi-purpose Use

Two Full Sized Baseball/Softball Fields 

Without Lights: $40/hr
With Lights: $70/hr

Soccer/Football Fields

Multi-purpose Use

Two Full-sized Fields
Can be rented in 1/2 field increments 

Half Field:
Without Lights: $30/hr

With Lights: $45/hr
Whole Field:
Without Lights: $60/hr
With Lights: $90/hr 


Birthday Parties
Private Gatherings

Rented in quarter increments
Each quarter seats approx. 30
Picnic tables provided 

Per Quarter: $30/hr