Men's Softball

Men's Softball

For men ages 14 and up  |  $45  | Spring & Fall Leagues

Cal Ripken, Jr. played over 2,600 consecutive games of baseball in his 16-year career. From 1982 to 1998, Baltimore Orioles shortstop, Cal Ripken, Jr. did not miss a single game! Granted, he got paid a lot of money to be at those games, so he had a little incentive. We can't pay you an MLB salary, but we can offer you a lot of fun and a chance to stay in shape. That's kind of the same thing, right? Games are played on Monday nights. 

Spring Softball Schedule

2017 Fall Softball Champions 2017 Fall Softball Runners Up

For more information about our Men's Softball leagues, contact our Sports Ministry Office or call 972-512-3880.