Mission Statement

MOPS International exists to encourage, equip, and develop mothers of preschoolers to realize their potential as a woman, mother, and leader in the name of Jesus Christ. MOPS knows that moms need a place to come together to learn, share, and experience this important season of mothering in a caring, accepting environment. Any mother of a preschooler is welcome.

MOPS and MOMSnext at First Baptist Carrollton

MOPS stands for "mothers of preschoolers" - but don't let that confuse you. MOPS/MOMSnext is about meeting the needs of every mom of a child from conception through school-age. Whether you're urban, suburban, rural, stay-at-home, working, teen, adoptive, special-needs, single or married...MOPS/MOMSnext is for you!

This year's theme is "Fiercely Flourishing." We become more ourselves when we celebrate, rest and notice, and that looks a lot like flourishing. But this flourishing isn’t the precious or exhausting kind. This is a fierce flourishing. It is a deep-in-your-guts experience of gratitude and hope compelling you to raise your hands and dance freer than you ever have before. It is a fierce protection of your most important moments, an invitation to rest and an opportunity to enjoy the people who are right in front of you.

The cost for the year is $140 per person, which includes child-care. There is a $70 discount if you do not need child-care. Use the promo code "nochildcare" to receive this discount. Register below. Please invite friends and neighbors to visit and allow our Preschool Ministry to love and encourage them.

Click here to see this year's meeting & events schedule.

For more information about MOPS or MOMSnext, please email us at or call 972-512-3850.