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Cannon Room

Bible Fellowship Classes - 8:00 am




50s and 60s
Mickey Morgan

Couples (average age: 63)

Room 174

60s and 70s
Dr. Kenneth Barker
Mike Russell
Richard Rachel 
Mike Calhoun 

Couples (average age: 73)
Couples (average age: 70)
Couples (average age: 68)
Couples (average age: 65)

Room 102 
Room 107
Room 100
Cannon Room

70s and better
Pat Haley
Stan Robertson 
Roy Wood

Senior Adult Couples (average age: 82)
Senior Adult Couples (average age: 79)
Senior Adult Couples (average age: 77)

Room 101
Room 108
Room 105

Mixed ages
Judyann Robinson
Gene Pittman/Mark Miller 

Children's Ministry Volunteers
Choir & Orchestra Members

Room 125
Room 127

Bible Fellowship Classes - 10:45 am

Coed Singles
J.T. Hilyer
Mark Miller
Benita Stanley
Janilda Ichter

College Age 
Young Singles (average age: 30 
Men & Women (average age: 65)
Men & Women (average age: 48
Portuguese Bible Fellowship

Room 152/Loft
Room 201
Room 101
Room 204
Room 106

20s and 30s
Glen Blanscet

Couples (average age: 27)

Room 225

30s and 40s
Steve Wood
Pat Williford 
Wayne Spencer 
Jason Hiatt/Kyle Davis

Couples (average age: 41)
Couples (average age: 40)
Couples (average age: 41) 
Couples (average age: 36) 

Room 230
Room 232
Room 233 
Room 234 

40s and 50s
Cathy Mitchell
Trini Garza
Doug Sheffield
Chuck Reeves 
Jeff Williams 
Todd Cordray 

Ladies Class
Ladies Class
Couples (average age: 51)
Couples (average age: 55)  
Couples (average age: 48) 
Couples (average age: 48) 

House C
House C
Room 100 
Room 127
Room 102 
Room 226 

50s and 60s
Jennifer Martin
Cleo Reed
Mike Taylor
Billy Steingruber
Darryl Pinkard 

Ladies (average age: 63)
Men (average age: 62)
Couples (average age: 61)
Couples (average age: 56)
Couples (average age: 57)  

Room 125
Room 229-N
Room 108
Room 107
Room 228

60s and 70s
Garry Howell
Pat Brown
Jan Haney 

Couples (average age: 69)
Ladies Precepts Class 

Room 105
Room 174 
Room 174-E 

70s and better
Bill Mathews 

Senior Adult Couples (average age: 74)

Cannon Room

High School
Middle School

9-12 Grades
6-8 Grades

Family Center
Room 203

Clark & Julie Hausmann
Epsie Rucker
Florine Jayroe
Alan & Paula Sims
Nancy Burks
Jack & Lynne Polk
Kevin & Lori Kittredge
Shari Vaughan
Mark & Georgeanne Forester
Betty Davis 

Fifth Grade
Fifth Grade
Fourth Grade
Fourth Grade
Third Grade
Third Grade
Second Grade
Second Grade 
First Grade
Bus Ministry (9:15 am)

Room 245
Room 250
Room 246
Room 249
Room 138
Room 243
Room 241
Room 239
Room 240
Room 247 

Will & Kathy Lowetz
Tom Schabbing
Chris & Christina Behrens
Daisy Francis
Lester & Fairy Brast
Kevin & Debbie Wall
Kay Labor & Jan McCord
Sue Steingruber & Shari Rogers
Mary Lynn Moseley & Beth Zeinert
Linda French & Ericka Williams

Mobile or Crawling

Room 145
Room 141
Room 139
Room 137
Room 134
Room 133
Room 129
Room 115
Room 114
Room 113