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Cannon Room

Bible Fellowship Classes - 8:00 am




50s and 60s
Mickey Morgan

Couples (average age: 63)

Room 174

60s and 70s
Dr. Kenneth Barker
Mike Russell
Richard Rachel 
Mike Calhoun 

Couples (average age: 73)
Couples (average age: 70)
Couples (average age: 68)
Couples (average age: 65)

Room 102 
Room 107
Room 100
Cannon Room

70s and better
Pat Haley
Stan Robertson 
Roy Wood
Joyce Lange 
Don Sheffield 

Senior Adult Couples (average age: 82)
Senior Adult Couples (average age: 79)
Senior Adult Couples (average age: 77)
Senior Adult Ladies
Senior Adult Men

Room 101
Room 140
Room 105
Room 108 
Room 106 

Mixed ages
Judyann Robinson
Gene Pittman/Mark Miller 

Children's Ministry Volunteers
Choir & Orchestra Members

Room 125
Room 127

Bible Fellowship Classes - 10:45 am

Coed Singles
J.T. Hilyer
Mark Miller
Sharon Bland
Benita Stanley
Janilda Ichter

College Age 
Young Singles (average age: 30 
Men & Women (average age: 65)
Men & Women (average age: 48
Portuguese Bible Fellowship

Annex 6 
Room 202-E
Room 101
Room 232-N
Room 202-W

20s and 30s
Glen Blanscet

Couples (average age: 27)

Room 228

30s and 40s
Steve Wood
Pat Williford 
Wayne Spencer 
Jason Hiatt/Kyle Davis

Couples (average age: 41)
Couples (average age: 40)
Couples (average age: 41) 
Couples (average age: 36) 

Room 225
Room 230
Room 233 
Room 234 

40s and 50s
Cathy Mitchell
Trini Garza
Doug Sheffield
Chuck Reeves 
Jeff Williams 
Todd Cordray 
Keith Wilson 

Ladies Class
Ladies Class
Couples (average age: 51)
Couples (average age: 55)  
Couples (average age: 48) 
Couples (average age: 48) 
Couples (average age: 46) 

House C
House C
Room 100 
Room 229-S
Room 202 
Room 204 
Room 232-S 

50s and 60s
Jennifer Martin
Cleo Reed
Mike Taylor
Billy Steingruber
Jeff Williams
Darryl Pinkard 

Ladies (average age: 63)
Men (average age: 62)
Couples (average age: 61)
Couples (average age: 56)
Couples (average age: 48)
Couples (average age: 57)  

Room 226
Room 229-N
Room 108
Room 107
Room 102
Room 201

60s and 70s
Garry Howell
Pat Brown
Jan Haney 

Couples (average age: 69)
Ladies Precepts Class 

Room 105
Room 174 
Room 174-E 

70s and better
Bill Mathews 

Senior Adult Couples (average age: 74)

Cannon Room

High School
Middle School

9-12 Grades
6-8 Grades

Family Center
Room 203

Clark & Julie Hausmann
Epsie Rucker
Florine Jayroe
Alan & Paula Sims
Nancy Burks
Jack & Lynne Polk
Kevin & Lori Kittredge
Shari Vaughan
Mark & Georgeanne Forester
Betty Davis 

Fifth Grade
Fifth Grade
Fourth Grade
Fourth Grade
Third Grade
Third Grade
Second Grade
Second Grade 
First Grade
Bus Ministry (9:15 am)

Room 245
Room 250
Room 246
Room 249
Room 138
Room 243
Room 241
Room 239
Room 240
Room 247 

Will & Kathy Lowetz
Tom Schabbing
Chris & Christina Behrens
Daisy Francis
Lester & Fairy Brast
Kevin & Debbie Wall
Kay Labor & Jan McCord
Sue Steingruber & Shari Rogers
Mary Lynn Moseley & Beth Zeinert
Linda French & Ericka Williams

Mobile or Crawling

Room 145
Room 141
Room 139
Room 137
Room 134
Room 133
Room 129
Room 115
Room 114
Room 113